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I realize I haven't written here in some time (well over a year!) but I do want to add this now.


Alas, what I have to say is not good as far as the Obama Administration is concerned.


The president who we had such high hopes for in '08, has been looking worse by the minute! His actions have been puzzling; instead of the liberal democrat we thought we elected, we've gotten a cautious, centrist, near-Republican who seems afraid of his own shadow and this is seemingly also true of the whole Democratic Party which is afraid to rock the boat.


Are they in bed with the Bushies? It would seem so since they refuse to prosecute them as both Bush and Cheney so richly deserve to be.


Their reaction to the Wikileaks exposés have been irrational, panicky, and vindictive and the administration's secret forcing of the Spaniards (as set forth in the Wikileaks exposure.) to abandon their prosecution of the Bushies is, to me, beyond the pale.


Their bipartisanship has been an unmitigated disaster and their appeasement of and nearly down-the-road capitulation to the GOP is not something for which we supported Obama.


This doesn't mean I am becoming a Republican which would be futile. But it does mean I would support the resignation of Obama and the sooner the better.

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Sean Mahony said...
I agree wholeheartedly with the disappointment with Obama. Perhaps we could have seen ahead or could have not lead with our hopes. In any case, he's not that important, except it was real nice that he said today that he would bring the war vote to congress. What a novel idea! The shoe we all need to drop is for us commoners to realize that the rich have gotten so rich and so successful in controlling the media, the news, the elected representatives, the real estate market, the arms market, and they are totally without any common sense, just concerned, as true addicts, with their own next high, which is to beat someone out of another million dollars. They've done a great job of that on the American taxpayer, and the world. so, we either pray, or educate ourselves, or speak out, or organize. Glad to find you after all these years.
August 31, 2013 04:53:28
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