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It seems that Mr. Obama is now in the process of throwing the progressives under the bus:

1. He is permitting a valuable Arabic translator to be fired for the "hideous crime" of being gay thus putting our security in, not less, but more jeopardy.

2. He has put a corporate lawyer  for the big pollutors in charge of environmental protection. This is like putting the proverbial fox in charge of the henhouse.

3. He has backtracked from his promise to abandon the terror tribunals at Guantanamo Bay and has put in jeopardy his promise to close the base next January. In this respect he has been morphing into Dick Cheney. But I'm sure he will modify this decision by cutting in half the amount of waterboarding that went on on under the Bushies.

4. Last but not least, he has refused to release the torture photographs or to prosecute the criminals of the Bush Administration. This is tantamount to locking the barn door after the horses have escaped.

 Press Secretary Gibbs is rapidly morphing into Scott McClellan and our dear president into our even more admired, George Dubya Bush.

Damn the voters: give them the cute Sasha and Malia, their cute dog Bo and Michelle's arms and they'll forgive anything!





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