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On my way home while nearing my building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I ran into an old friend. While I was speaking to her, who should appear but a bunch of McCainiacs wearing skull caps and carrying banners for Palin and McCain. This is the first time I ever saw McCain people in my neighborhood.


She booed and I hissed and one of the men who worked for an antiques store nearby came out eventually and spoke to me after my friend had left. Yes he'd seen them and thought they were supporting the Republicans in fear that Obama would not support Israel as the Bushies did. And that they were essentially feeding on the hate their appearance caused.


Never mind! Grey's Papaya is supporting Obama so the election is over! ;-) (I wish!)


Obama/ Biden '08


Allow me to add a link along similar lines showing the "profound thinking" we Jews are famous for!

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Ed Gold said...
Thanks, tg, I think you may be confusing Nicholas Kristof with William Kristol! Kristol seems mostly to be bemoaning the really bad McCain campaign but Kristof, I don't think he is a "member of our tribe", has always been a liberal columnist. Kristol, the conservative son of the conservative Irving Kristol is, of course, a Jewish conservative. I recall someone expressing surprise about my support for Obama given my background but I replied that there are many "Jews for Obama". Well, there are at least two of us! ;-)
October 24, 2008 09:11:01
t. goldman said...
I'm in love with William Kristol's column this morning. What Kool Aid did he drink that he finally is seeing the light. This is a great site I'll comment more later when I have more time. About the little band of merry Jews for McSwine we saw yesyerday,I may have to tell you in person what I think. I don't want the evidence out there in cyberspace!!!!! tg
October 23, 2008 09:21:54
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