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Posted By Edward Gold

The last Thanksgiving turkey has been slaughtered and consumed and Santa has appeared at the end of the parade saying "ho-ho-ho" as is his jovial custom. Thus, the old boy has ushered in the usual snowjob of the year at its accustomed time.


The post Thanksgiving Day sales have come and gone with only a few casualties such as the Walmart worker who got trampled to death by some overenthusiastic shoppers and the two-man shootout at Toys 'R Us. Small prices to pay for the overwhelming messages of love and merchandising (not necessarily in that order!) of the winter season!


The little pine trees are now cluttering the sidewalks of Manhattan and the same musical crap may be heard in every store that you are forced to enter, even those where you buy food at inflated prices in order to survive.


The merchants would start all this in July if they thought they could get away with i!


Bah humbug!!!

Posted By Edward Gold

Though I haven't finished my editing yet, I am fairly close and thought that, in this season I should give thanks where thanks are due. So I'm posting this link which shows how many of us are thankful on the eve of Thanksgiving.


This is similar to my thankfulness to our Vice-President for his endorsement of the McCain-Palin ticket. Felicitations to Sarah and the Dick for their recent contributions to our wellbeing. And thank you to our "awesome" Commander-in-Chief for adding his customary verbal skills and erudition as shown in the same article.


"Awesome" indeed!


Love you all!

Posted By Edward Gold

The election is over in case you haven't noticed and I will stop blogging on the subject.


Barack is now President-Elect but won't be the actual President till late January.



As I am now trying to finish my "Egret in Flight" music for this year's  Nu Mu [Sic!] Festival (well past the deadline!) as well as my final contribution to the Central Park Suite, I will be taking a rest from this blog till it's done.




Edward Gold

Posted By Edward Gold

Believe it or not, the GOP party faithful love Sarah and want her to run in the next election for president! Since Sarah showed herself to be such a "formidable" running mate in '08, by all means let  the GOP nominate her for first place in the next big election.


I'm sure the Democrats are quaking in their "elite lib'rul" boots (or at least Birkenstocks!) at such a prospect. Because, she talks to Jesus who has really supported her in the last election!


She has proven herself as John's running mate so let us all support the "pit bull with lipstick" from Wasilla, a true proponent of "family values" for the Republican nomination in '12.


Viva Sarah!

Posted By Edward Gold

I must say that I think I've been pretty accurate in most of my predictions during the brief months I've maintained this blog and the other one on Blogspot.


Though I've blasted the Bush Administration almost from its beginning, I don't think even I realized the depths to which it would sink in its ensuing years. Or the sheer ineptness of its response to nearly everything and it's almost total accompanying dishonesty and secrecy. In its last gasp, if Bush made a statement, you automatically assumed the truth was the opposite if you had any brains at all.


Former Press Secretary Scott McClellan's insistence, in his book, that Dubya himself was misled by his advisors and was not himself crooked I think is sheer denial. He is, after all the titular president and could always have gotten himself other advisors. But Bush himself is only a "tool", not a real president.


Therefore, I could never understand why McCain swallowed the whole Bush Koolaid (money I suppose.)  thus becoming "McSame" even if he was better than that at the outset. And why he accepted Sarah Palin as his running mate. I predicted that it was a bad mistake even though he did get a temporary "bounce" from it and the GOP Convention. I did think he might abandon this choice but it was really too late for him to do so.


When Barack Obama emerged earlier on the other side, I supported him with some caveats even against Hilary Clinton, the front runner; I felt she was damaged goods because of her constant waffling and because she accepted money from Rupert Murdoch and not because of her gender.


However, Barack proved steadier than even I could imagine and showed he was no flash in the pan. Such a candidate does not appear very often and his youth and skill may make him a nearly ideal president. No, he's not the Messiah or even Superman so let's allow him his humanity. Yes, he's black but so what?


Yes, we can!