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Posted By Edward Gold

No, I have no interest in marrying anyone! But the attempt by several religious groups to  interfere with anyone's rights is something I find unconscionable. And in both California and Florida or anywhere else, any attempt to limit anyone's right to marry can only have a negative effect on each state's economy.


If any church doesn't want to marry any couple, that is their right under the doctrine of religious freedom. Much as it is my right to be free from any religious doctrine. If they don't like it, tough!


If any religious group starts quoting their scripture to oppose anyone's rights, I would ask them to cease and desist. It's clearly none of their business!


Obama/ Biden '08

Posted By Edward Gold

Apparently, I've overestimated the size of the Jews for McCain vote by quite a lot. The recent Gallup poll says 75% of Jews are for Obama. Now I can hold up my head again! ;-)


Obama/ Biden '08

Posted By Edward Gold


I agree with Gail Collins.

Oh yes, Obama and Ayers worked on the same panel under that "dangerous radical" Walter Annenberg as comment 8 says.

Mr. Annenberg, of course, was an associate of those "dangerous leftist radicals" Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

We are not trying to elect Bill Ayers to the presidency so, whether or not he's still a radical is besides the point. What is the point is that the McCain-Palin ticket has, in desperation, seized on an incredibly tenuous "association" in an effort to maintain some argument against the only possibility of an intelligent choice for president, Barack Obama.

Those voting for McCain are voting for the continuation of the Bush-Cheney policies which, as we know, have worked so well!

The election is between Obama-Biden and McCain-Palin and not Ayers and McCain. So kindly stop the nonsense and put the McCain campaign in the trash can, where it belongs!

— Edward Gold, New York, NY

Posted By Edward Gold

On my way home while nearing my building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I ran into an old friend. While I was speaking to her, who should appear but a bunch of McCainiacs wearing skull caps and carrying banners for Palin and McCain. This is the first time I ever saw McCain people in my neighborhood.


She booed and I hissed and one of the men who worked for an antiques store nearby came out eventually and spoke to me after my friend had left. Yes he'd seen them and thought they were supporting the Republicans in fear that Obama would not support Israel as the Bushies did. And that they were essentially feeding on the hate their appearance caused.


Never mind! Grey's Papaya is supporting Obama so the election is over! ;-) (I wish!)


Obama/ Biden '08


Allow me to add a link along similar lines showing the "profound thinking" we Jews are famous for!

Posted By Edward Gold

Most should be aware by now that Colin Powell has now given his endorsement to Barack Obama thus hammering, I hope, the final nail in John McCain's political coffin.


As a friend of McCain's, this choice would have had to be jarring but he gave the same reasons for his choice that I, as a registered Democrat, would give.


Among these reasons are Barack's abilities as a speaker and his greater substance as a person, his fresher approach and ability to calmly listen and bring people together.


He also cited the McCain campaign's foolish choice of Sarah Palin who he thought lacked any qualifications to be President and the desperate claims of Barack's "close" associations with Bill Ayers which he thought tenuous. Obama was, after all, a child at the time that Ayers was in the "Weatherman" group.


Barack has won many other endorsements from all political persuations and a landslide of newspapers of every stripe, liberal and conservative.


Obama/ Biden '08