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Posted By Edward Gold

Antibush: No, no, no! Dubya was our worst president!

Probush: No it was Harding!

Antibush: No, Harding was passively bad. Dubya was actively malevolent.

Probush: What part of Harding do you not understand?

Antibush: It's obvious you have drunk the Koolaid!

Probush: No, you have!

Antibush: No you have!

Probush: How can we expect a bleeding-heart-Obama-loving libtard like you to understand Harding?

Antibush: You are nothing but a to the right-of-Genghis Khan fascist.

Probush: And you are a lib-nazi.


Still Other: LOL!


Posted By Edward Gold

I fail to see any difference between what the Bushies have been selling us as a economic package and what the Obamas have been pushing. And Barack is using the same old scare tactics that the old administration used by telling us of the awful consequences of not passing this still-idiotic package.

Tim Geithner has been part of the problem; how can we accept him as part of the solution? Barack has put the same-olds in charge of economic "recovery"; the same ones who have prodigiously wasted taxpayer's money under the Bushies and who now are set to do the same under this administration.

We need a different approach now; the same one hasn't worked then and will not work now!

If nationalizing the banks is the only solution, then by all means lets do it. If anyone has better ideas, let's hear them.

If we wanted another Republican Administration, we would have voted for it!

— Edward Gold, New York, NY