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It's been over two years since my last entry here. Many of these entries have been political but since this is my music website blog, it behooves me to also write on musical subjects.


Liszt's "A Faust Symphony" has never been a great favorite of mine though I've known it since my college days and even wrote a paper on it for an assignment. My teacher Otto Deri thought I was prejudiced against Romanticism in general when I pointed out its weaknesses but, in fact, I haven't changed my opinion to any extent.


In any case, Mr. Bernstein's live performance from 1976 with the performance was his second recording of the work (the audio recording of the same year seems to be a cleaned-up version of mostly the same performance.) and a quite good effort it is.


No, he can't disguise the weaknesses of the work with it's endless padding mostly made up of nearly endless sequential passages. But he does manage to make them bearable none the less. Since Liszt was flamboyant by nature, Lenny matches the music very well.