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Posted By Edward Gold

It's been over two years since my last entry here. Many of these entries have been political but since this is my music website blog, it behooves me to also write on musical subjects.


Liszt's "A Faust Symphony" has never been a great favorite of mine though I've known it since my college days and even wrote a paper on it for an assignment. My teacher Otto Deri thought I was prejudiced against Romanticism in general when I pointed out its weaknesses but, in fact, I haven't changed my opinion to any extent.


In any case, Mr. Bernstein's live performance from 1976 with the performance was his second recording of the work (the audio recording of the same year seems to be a cleaned-up version of mostly the same performance.) and a quite good effort it is.


No, he can't disguise the weaknesses of the work with it's endless padding mostly made up of nearly endless sequential passages. But he does manage to make them bearable none the less. Since Liszt was flamboyant by nature, Lenny matches the music very well.


Posted By Edward Gold

Well, Barack pulled himself out of a big hole. Not the way I would have done it if folks were crazy enough to elect me instead.


But the proof is in the pudding!


Well done, Barry!

Posted By Edward Gold

I realize I haven't written here in some time (well over a year!) but I do want to add this now.


Alas, what I have to say is not good as far as the Obama Administration is concerned.


The president who we had such high hopes for in '08, has been looking worse by the minute! His actions have been puzzling; instead of the liberal democrat we thought we elected, we've gotten a cautious, centrist, near-Republican who seems afraid of his own shadow and this is seemingly also true of the whole Democratic Party which is afraid to rock the boat.


Are they in bed with the Bushies? It would seem so since they refuse to prosecute them as both Bush and Cheney so richly deserve to be.


Their reaction to the Wikileaks exposés have been irrational, panicky, and vindictive and the administration's secret forcing of the Spaniards (as set forth in the Wikileaks exposure.) to abandon their prosecution of the Bushies is, to me, beyond the pale.


Their bipartisanship has been an unmitigated disaster and their appeasement of and nearly down-the-road capitulation to the GOP is not something for which we supported Obama.


This doesn't mean I am becoming a Republican which would be futile. But it does mean I would support the resignation of Obama and the sooner the better.

Posted By Edward Gold

Before Obama became president, he may have had an idealistic view of government and what it could be, one appropriate to his roots as a community organizer. But since then it has been one surrender after another to the status quo.

It may be that the bailout of the banks was necessary and that appearances do count in how successful we are in averting economic catastrophe; after all, investors are less rational than emotional. But putting those same people in charge who were themselves architects of the disaster is something I will not understand.

In the case of healthcare, I'm concerned that the new laws will only make matters worse and the apparent capitulation to big pharma will make the cost of drugs even more astronomical than they are now.

The traditional town hall meetings are supposed to engender debate but the right-wing fueled Tampa Town Hall "debate", for example, was more an attack than a debate. This is thuggery at its worst and it's looking more and more like repression of opposition views that can lead to severe injuries and possibly even murder. (Iran anyone?)

The idea that these attacks are caused by people who sincerely believe that healthcare should remain as it was is ingenuous at best; it seems that these are a direct result of the healthcare and big pharma industries who have sent in their own goons to suppress opposition to their agendas.

This cannot be tolerated! A real debate on healthcare is the only thing acceptable.


(The "Gray Lady" surprised me by actually publishing this!)

Posted By Edward Gold

s it not highly predictable that the arrest of five rabbis will bring the anti-semites out from under their rocks?

Religion in general, like politics, has always been a fertile field for corruption and none of the "faiths" has been immune from it.

I don't think any group should be singled out for their supposed corruption. All human beings err, some to a greater degree than others.

As Jesus is quoted as saying, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone."


Two people at least took issue with my remarks and I am unable to answer back as "comments are no longer being accepted."


But I wasn't meaning to call the article "anti-semitic" or to criticize it but rather several of the other comments, in fact. Perhaps I'm overly sensitive to these stories as they happen but I didn't apparently make myself understood.